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For the quarterly publication filled with Real-World articles on nutrition, training, contest preparation for bodybuilding, figure, physique, bikini and more.

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Progressive Overload
Want Bigger Muscles Expose them to Bigger Workloads

On the cover Melanie Egner
My body fat was high and I had little muscle. In other words, I was “skinny fat!”

Chris Trimpey
Natural Masters Pro Figure Card Achieved

Sandy Riedinger
Make Our Bodies Great Again in 2016

Jacob Mangan
Physique Contest Prep one of the hardest things I’ve ever done

Chelsea Ashby
Striving for the “Perfect Body” transform into ideal state

Hondre McNeil
It’s all about the battle! Battle within yourself to keep pushing

Crystal Buchanan
Skinny Fat to Sculpted Physique

Eric Senter
After a Lifetime of Lifting My First Year of Competition

Fat Loss Accelerator
Bring your Best Body to the beach with the Fat Loss Accelerator Stack

A Workout for the Novice Physique Competitor
“Want to get started in Physique? A Workout to get ready for your first contest.”

Volume 20 Issue 4

Classic Physique
Itching to compete but don’t feel you are quite big enough for bodybuilding
and also aren’t crazy about competing in Men’s Physique?

Cydney Gillon IFBB Pro Figure Competitor Next Generation Fitness

Leslie Hambrick From Cardio Queen to Sculpted Body
Set a goal to win a Masters Figure Title

Rebecca Powell My Journey from Competitive Boxer to Women’s Physique Competitor

Frank Lagarde Don’t call it a Comeback
“Bodybuilding is a sport in which 99% of the athletic performance takes place before the day of competition.”